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Problem: About Punjab


I am so sorry first for my question is not about jive messenger, but I can’'t resolve it, so I have to ask the problem here, I hope some body have worked with punjab.

I have fell across with one problem about punjab, and can’‘t deal with it after long time’'s hard try. Please help me!!!

I want people could chat through web browser with desktop client. So I designed the architecture:


Jive Messenger + Punjab0.8 (Twisted)

Desktop client:

Exodus( or one client I have write using smack )

Web Client:

JsJac + JavaScript code

Everything is right, Desktop client could chat with Web client, But when Desktop send chinese characters(UTF-8 charset) to the web client, the web client would warning with ‘‘503’’ error, and disconnected.

If chinese characters send from web client to desktop client, everything is ok. Please tell me why and how should I do?

If I change the Server to

Ejabberd( support Http polling )

chinese charset is ok when desktop client sent it to the web client.

So, some thing is wrong with the punjab or twisted. I want know, how should I set the twisted or punjab? I have no idea about it?

Please help me?

Many thanks!!!

Or should I change the settings of the twisted?

Another funny UTF-8-Problem can occur with jwchat punjab jive 2.2.2 and e.q. Exodus.

Exodus uses the German Plugin which reads “Verfügbar” instead of “Available”.

The u-Umlaut seems to be non-UTF8 or is getting converted in Jive ??? or in Punjab ??

I installed this setup during non-business-hours ( 2:00 am ) and nobody on my Roster was Online. After loads of trouble (Wrong Python Version etc.) it suddenly worked more or less.

Now during daytime I got the bloody old error-message “Service not available”.

I looked into punjab and was wondering about the u-Umlaut. So I deleted all online-users from my Roster and Surprise: jwchat started without problems…

My Question now is:

Is Jive UTF-8 aware or konverts it to proper format in iq-packets ?

Or is it maybe some other bug ???

Versions: jwchat 1.0beta2 punjab 0.8 jive 2.2.2 Python 2.4.2 Twister-Sumo 2005-05-25.

Best Regards

JC Heyer

Ups fotgot to say, that client is not only Exodus / Windows but also Adium /MacOSX. One of my Roster-Users used that setup and also generated a non-utf8 u-Umlaut.



Hey scottmx can u pls tell how can I setup Jive Messenger + JSJAC to chat on web.



Deepak Sakpal

I have resolved this problem.

It’'s the reason of the Python, so we should change the default coding of Python to utf-8.

Hi, Deepak Sakpal

JsJaC is just a web client library, so you should write some code using JavaScript with JsJac library. It will generate a web client. It can’‘t connect with Jive Messenger / Wildfire directly, as wildfire did’'t support HTTP Bind / Polling. So you should install punjab0.9 or JabberHTTPBind.war with the wildfire server.


Wildfire + JabberHTTPBind.war/ Punjab0.9

Web Client:

JavaScript Code + JsJac library.