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Problem accessing admin console with either admin login

I’ve been screwing around all morning with the server options and added about 40 users… But now I’m unable to login using both admin and my personal login. I thought I could login to spark, but after I tried changing my password there I got errors and now am unable to login to spark.

I tried the fix in this thread before changing my password in spark:


but it did not work. I’m still unable to login to the server.

I am on a windows 2003 server machine using remote desktop to access the server

Then I login to

Using Openfire Version 3.6.3

Using the embedded DB

Hopefully I don’t have to start over. If I can save users and groups I’ll be happy.

no answer so I started over, blew out the db completely.

I was going to try MySql but it gave me errors on install too. I realized this is a W2K server, oops. I’d switch it to linux, but its my AV server as well.