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Problem between IQProvider and PacketListener


I got a problem when I’‘m receiving an IQ message thru my IQProvider I’‘m building a IQ packet in the provider (using XMLBeans) and when I return the packet, the PacketListener doesn’'t receive it.

Before that I have registred my providers and my listeners as following :

filter = new PacketTypeFilter(Majiic.class);

connection.addPacketListener(new MajiicListener(), filter);

filter = new PacketTypeFilter(Acknowledge.class);

connection.addPacketListener(new AcknowledgeListener(), filter);

ProviderManager.addIQProvider(“majiic”, Majiic.NAMESPACE_MAJIIC , new MajiicProvider());

ProviderManager.addIQProvider(“ack”, Acknowledge._NAMESPACE, new AcknowledgeProvider());

If someone has an idea because I don’‘t see why it doesn’'t work ! ;(


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Message was edited by: huge

Have you confirmed that your providers are properly parsing the packets and returning valid objects?


Yes I do, at the end of the parseIQ() I have a valid object, correctly build. I’'m looking why it works with an other Provider and not this one … But if you had this issue I count on you !