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Problem chat users

Good morning,

we have a server openfire to distribute in some companies the service of chat.

Each company has your group with every single user of this one.

In one company, we have about 200 users.

Users use Zoiper Client to register at the server. With some users, we can’t see the alias that we assign at collegue, but we can see the name of openfire user.

For example:

What we see: 200.company@chat.fidoka.it

What we should see: Name Surname

This problem is not for every users but it’s for someone.

Is this a known problem? How can we resolved?

Thanks for attention.

Best regards


Thank you for using Zoiper.

Please drop us an email at support @ zoiper.com

My colleagues will provide you with the latest RC - we believe you will not experience the issue when using it.

in this case, the problem is not only on zoiper but in every client that we use.

In the users list, everyone is configured with name and surname. The problem is roster associated at single user. In there, infact, i see some user like ‘none’ adn not Name Surname.

I also tried to eliminate the users that have this problem and create it again, but without successful.

If you need some other information, let me know.

Thankyou so much.

Best regards


Thank you for contacting us,

We will investigate the issue and get back to you asap.


Best regards


Zoiper Support Team

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