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Problem Conference Openfire + Spark with AD

I have in my company working openfire configured with AD and we use spark, but I would like to create a conference but the following error message appears: "There are no group chat services configured for this server. if you wish to provide MUC / group chat services. "Does anyone know what to do?

Check Group Chat in Openfire’s Admin Console (if you are an admin) and create a conference service, if there is none.

Hi again, I searched the place that you told me but could not find, could you tell me the exact location?

In the conference tab I went to create a new service but after placing the data then the message I commented previously appears.

I don’t have Openfire here, so i can’t remember exact palce but it should be somewhere in the Group Chat main menu. I haven’t see such error. Maybe it is related to AD setup, but i’m not sure as i haven’t used Openfire with AD. Btw, what version of Openfire are you using?

I’m using version 4.1.5. About Group Chat main menu is in which tab: Server, Users / Groups, Sessions, conferences or plugin?

It is right between Sessions and Plugins tabs. In English it is called Group Chat. When you press on it, there should be Create New Service button (specifically in Group Chat Settings submenu). If that button gives you that error, then i don’t know why is this happening. Maybe because of AD, but i don’t know for sure.

Do you know anyone who can tell me how to create a conference with openfire linked to AD?

I think it should be possible and AD shouldn’t be interfering. Maybe something wrong is with the server. @speedy ?
Also, check the logs, maybe something useful there (openfire\logs\all.log)

When I try to create a conference service in the logs it appears this: 2017.10.31 14:58:09 org.jivesoftware.openfire.container.PluginMonitor - An exception occurred while trying to extract plugin ‘mucservice’:

I just tested MUC with AD, and Im not seeing any issues.
sounds like something is corrupt. likely after an update or something. Id suggest a backup and run through the install/upgrade process again, making sure all openfire processes and services are stopped

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Yeap. Looks like a corrupted update. And you haven’t noticed this until you had to use group chat. Installing same version on top (while it is fully stopped) should work.

It was in version 4.1.5 and yesterday I upgraded to 4.1.6 and continued with the same problem. I just do not know what else to do.

Maybe something is messing with the update process (antivirus, etc). You can also try uninstall first, then install again (it will leave database in place). Btw, how do you run Openfire? Do you have service installed or do you run it with a launcher? If you have it installed in Program files and want to run it with a launcher, you need to do this with Run as administrator. If you use service you don’t have to do anything. 4.1.5+ adds service automatically. So if you try to run launcher with it, it will conflict, which can lead to similar problems.

This is the startup command: root 23557 0.5 22.2 4661852 900260? Slot31 / usr / lib / jvm / java-8-openjdk-amd64 / jre / bin / java -Xmx2024m -server -DopenfireHome = / usr / share / openfire -Dopenfire.lib.dir = / usr / share / openfire / lib -classpath /usr/share/openfire/lib/startup.jar -jar /usr/share/openfire/lib/startup.jar. It is installed in Debian 9.0 and started automatically in init

Oh, i have confused you with another users with his issues on Windows. Sorry. Well, i’m not that good Linux guy, so can’t really help. Btw, mucservice is actually a separate plugin and shouldn’t be related to group chat. But if you don’t need it, try removing it.

Do you know of anyone who can help me?

No, not many people are actually reading forums. So, have you tried removing that MUC Service plugin? You can also try backing up your database and reinstalling it completely or even starting with a completely fresh installation. As you use AD, you won’t have to recreate users, just pull them again from AD. Of course, you will have to enable groups sharing if you were using it.