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Problem downloading Plugin (Ofmeet)


Hey everyone,

I’ve been trying to download ofmeet.jar from the plugin page now for two days. Every time I tried it simply breaks at 8. smtg Mb for no apparent reason. Other plugins download nicely.

Is there a secondary download site for the plugin, [or any way around the problem I facing]



I’m able to download it. You can try a link on Github here GitHub - igniterealtime/community-plugins: Home for Openfire plugins that are not included in the core set of plugins

Scroll down and find the download link.


Thanks wroot, got the jar


Hi Wroot thanks for your link, I could download the plugin I have trouble installing it since the file is not in extension jar can you give me procedure to follow ??? thank you in advance


what is your file extension


That’s the exact link on GitHub and it points to ofmeet.jar https://github.com/igniterealtime/community-plugins/raw/master/openfire_4_0_2/ta rget/openfire/plugins/ofmeet.jar Same with the Downloads page. Not sure why it has different extension in your case.


Thanks for the Wroot link I was able to download the plugin after installation the plugin ofmeet does not appear on the plugin install, the nail meeting does not appear either on openfire attached the screenshot


Cherubin, that’ because you are using an ancient version of Openfire - 3.7.1… Which is 6 years old. Ofmeet requires at least 4.0.1 (it says so on the Plugins page Ignite Realtime: Openfire Plugins