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Problem encoding characters


I’m using Openfire 4.1.4.

I noticed a strange problem.

Adds a new user. Writes the name in which there are national characters (PL). After checking all the characters are normally visible.

After some time eg 10 minutes all national signs are change by ? char

Please help.


Information is flushed into database in intervals, so after 10 minutes you probably see what is pulled from the database. Maybe your database is not in the unicode mode.

Udało Ci się to rozwiązac?

I’ve this same problem.

I change my mysql link in /opt/openfire/conf to this:

jdbc:mysql://[server_adress]:3306/j[database]?useUnicode=true&cha racterEncoding=UTF-8&characterSetResults=UTF-8

and all is good.