Problem in "ant installer"

i have problam, anyone pls help me?

my console

C:\wildfire\build>ant installer





Created dir: C:\wildfire\target\release\installers

install4j version 3.2.4, built on 2006-04-24

Registered to Watthanasak Jeamwatthanachai, KasetDEV?

Loading config file C:\wildfire\build\installer\wildfire.install4j

Creating media file ‘‘Windows’’:

Collecting files:

Compiling launchers:

Compiling launcher ‘‘Wildfire’’:

Compiling launcher ‘‘GUI Launcher’’:

Compiling launcher ‘‘wildfired’’:

Creating media file:

Creating custom code JAR file:

Adding JRE (windows-x86-1.5.0_07_server)

install4j: compilation failed. Reason:

: Could not find JRE bundle. Neither C:\Program Files\install4j\jres\windows-x86

-1.5.0_07_server.tar.gz nor C:\Documents and Settings\iHall.install4j3\jres\win

dows-x86-1.5.0_07_server.tar.gz exist.

WARNING: Default charset MS874 not supported, using ISO-8859-1 inste



C:\wildfire\build\build.xml:866: C:\Program Files\install4j\bin\install4jc.exe f

ailed with return code 1

i don’'n know why error? Pls help me

"windows-x86-1.5.0_07_server.tar.gz " <<< i can’'t find.