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Problem in red5 with spark web


I am using red 5 (red5-0.1.04) in spark web it work fine but when i trying to call spark user to spark web incomming call works fine but i am unable to disconnect the call…


Can you please give the steps in implementing the call option in SparkWeb using Red5.

I have implemented but its not working.

My Settings are:

  1. I have created two users in my SIP(OpenSER) Server say as Gouri & Prasad.
  2. In Openfire admin console I have added the same two users in USers/Groups Tab.
    Username: Gouri
    Name: Gouri
    Password: gouri123
    Confirm Password: gouri123
  3. I have se the in Red5 as
    Name: red5
    URL: rtmpt:// where is my SIP(OpenSER) Server IP Address
  4. I have Mapped the two users as
    XMPP: Gouri
    SIP Username: Gouri
    Authorized Username: Gouri
    Display Phone No: sip:Gouri@ where is SIP(OpenSER) Server IP Address.
    Password: gouri123
    Server: where where is SIP(OpenSER) Server IP Address and 5080 is my SIP Port.

It’s not hitting the server at all with these settings.

Can you please tell me what mistake I have made in my settings so that i will change, for making it work.


Gouri Prasad.

If you are using a different SIP port 5080 than 5060 on asterisk, then edit mjsip conf file sip.cfg and add


instead of using

I have included the template mjsip config file for all possible mjsip parameter changes. SIP to Asterisk is handled by mjsip, so you might need more configuration for a non standard situation.


Thanks Dele.

As I was on leave for couple of days i couldn’t reply.

Please can you just tell where can I find the sip.cfg file.


Gouri Prasad