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Problem in using isConnected()

i am using isConnected() api to check if their is any problem is XMPPConnection connection.

but even when network connection breaks xmpp_con.isConnected() return true for 15-20 Min.

so how to know that network connection breaks…
error.log (1287942 Bytes)

I hate being the “me too” guy but I am getting the feeling this is a large problem. I am trying out the agsxmpp .net SDK on windows mobile 5 devices and hitting the same scenario.

The API works great until the device is left idle. Sometime after about 10 minutes the device falls off the active session list on OpenFire. The device doesn’'t detect it for the 15-20 minutes you described.

I can even stop OpenFire and the agsxmpp client keeps sending without error.

I experimented with adding socket.poll ( excuse the C# ) in the agsxmpp connection class but it did detect the network disconnect.

So, I am here looking at tyring Smack and seeing the same error report I am experiencing with a C# sdk.

Question: Can Smack work over network connections that are not pristine? ( in my case GPRS WM5 devices )

I tried ejabberd. My client code well with ejabberd.

If you are having this sort of problem with OpenFire then try ejabberd just to see if it works.