Problem in using keystore of JDK for enabling SSL in Openfire


I am totally new to SSL. Mine is a chat application which uses Tomcat as well as Openfire server. I have a unix box in which both the Tomcat server and Openfire servers are installed. Now that I need to secure my application so I generated the CSR using the keytool present in default JDK. After that I got my CA certificate and successfully enabled SSL in Tomcat server.

Now comes my clarification. Can I use the same CA cert for configuring SSL in Openfire too. I was following the document in the below link: e.html

But I am not able to point the “xmpp.socket.ssl.keystore” property to the keystore which is present inside JDK (in my case opt/app/java/bin). Beacuse by keystore path should be relative to Openfire home and what ever path I am giving is just appended to Openfire home and finally I am getting

Kindly help me with it as I am breaking my head