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Problem in web interface of v1.0beta4

I have just installed the new v1.0beta4 and when I click on the ‘‘Asterisk-IM’’ at the top of the admin interface it redirects me to:


Which then gives me the asterisk server page outside of the normal Jive Admin web interface. Further, there does not appear to be a way to navigate to the Phone Settings page from the interface.

I also notice in beta3, and believe in beta4, that if you change the uname/passwd in the web interface for Asterisk-IM it seems to send the old parameters when it attempts to connect to the Asterisk Manager port. Even though the system properities reflect the new details. I have to stop and start Jive Messenger and then it picks up the new values.

I’‘ve had that last problem as well: although it says it’‘s restarting Asterisk-IM with the new settings, it uses the old ones (particularly irritating when you’‘re trying to change the ip port number…) I’‘ve had it in beta 3, haven’'t tried beta 4 yet.

I will check this out when I am back next week.

Also I forgot to mention, the admin tool won’'t work quite right unless you use 2.3 beta, because of jive messenger switching to use sitemesh for templating.