Problem installing on CentOS, MySQL

I apologize ahead if I am just overlooking something obvious but I am stumped. I installed Wildfire 3.0.1 just fine on CentOS and MySQL, thats no problem. The problem is that I somehow fatfingering the password (obviously twice in a row and could not login as admin after the config screen. So I uninstalled the rpm with the following command:

rpm -e wildfire

Then I reinstalled via:

rpm -ivh wildfire_3_0_1.rpm

When I then loaded the server in the browser hoping to get the config sequence again, I get the login prompt. So I think it may be an old data in the database issue so I stop wildfire, uninstall it again, drop the database, recreate it (ok it is now definitely empty), yet I am still getting prompted to login. Please what am I missing?

I have once been able to successfully install and setup wildfire on this machine, but I somehow screwed up the password on the admin account. I cannot query the database for it since the database is 100% empty.

I sure would appreciate and help on this.

Hi Aaron,

I assume that rpm does not delete /opt/wildfire/conf/wildfire.xml (or whereever wildfire gets installed) and there is an entry .

Try to edit conf/wildfire.xml

or if this does not help “rpm -e wildfire” again and delete than the /opt/wildfire directory and it subdirectories.


Thank you, but that did not help. I edited the xml file to add the true field and then stopped, and started wildfire.

I have confirmed that the rpm -e command does remove everything from the opt/wildfire directories. When those directories are cleaned out when accessing the admin console I get an error from ‘‘jetty’’.

I appreciate the effort, anyone else?


so you did reinstall it and then you got a Jetty error?

I did write an install guide which does not use rpm which you can fine here if you want to try it


Hi Aaron,

I don’‘t know if you’'ve tried this or not. You could find the admin pasword in jiveUser table.


I edited the xml file to add the true field and then stopped, and started wildfire.

if you want to run the config all over again, you need to edit wildfire.xml and make sure that the property is setup as follows and not as you did above:


IMO, the rpm installation should work fine.

Thank you!!!

I mistakingly entered ‘‘true’’ instead of ‘‘false’’ now all is good!

Thanks again!