Problem or Error Spark 2.5.8 Launch and Close immediately

Dear All experts,

Sorry for this NB question ,

I had installed Spark 2.5.8 in my 2 Different XP machine , and one is able ot launch succesffuly … and the second one will terminate before it launch successfully .

anyone experiece this before ? Is it some JAVA runtime or DLL missing ? any place i can check the LOg error ?

i am helping my customer to evangalist this program, and they might plan to use some upgrade .

Can i suggest two things?

  1. Make sure Java is up to date on the system

  2. Take a look at the beta downloads page at Spark 2.6.0 BETA1 (it’s pretty stable) and see if the same problem occurs

I had download the MSI which included the Java.

But now the problem is i had no idea what is going wrong …

Is there any log file i could check… kindly share the file location if possible

I am having the same issue. I’ll double click on Spark.exe and see it in the task manager, but nothing comes up and then spark.exe goes away.

On the machine that is not working try deleting the Spark folder from the user profile that is having the problem. If there is no Spark folder in the user profile, uninstall spark, download the exe and try installing that.

That doesn’t do anything, but installing the 2.6.0 beta 1 fixes the issue.