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Problem Restricting Permissions to Use IM Gateway

I’m trying to restrict use of the IM Gateways to just users or certain groups. However, it seems that the plugin is not able to read my group names correctly.

I’m successfully using Openfire 3.4.2 with IM Gateway 1.2.1 tied to my AD using the LDAP settings. The problem occurs when I try to input the group name of Tech Support(or any other long formatted group name). I’ve tried encapsulating in quotes(“Tech Support”), joinging with both an underscore(Tech_Support) and a plus sign(Tech+Support), or with no joinging symbol(TechSupport), but each time I get the message: “The following groups were not valid and were ignored:”

Any help?



I have logged a bug for this issue. You can view/track it here - http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/GATE-406



I do not have this issue, and I use long names such as chatgatewayusers. Is the group you are trying to use included in your OU structure Openfire is searching? I am assuming the group is already included in AD. Does the group show in the groups list of Openfire? How many groups are you trying to add?

BTW it is bad form to create LDAP groups with spaces in the name. Think old school and keep spaces and special characters out of group, user and OU names. Remember this an internet lookup protocol. You can’t have spaces in a domain name for the similar reasons.

Are we still talking about Active Directory? Group names have long supported spaces in AD. If it’s bad form then why do we have groups like “Domain Admins”, “Backup Operators”, “Terminal Server License Servers”, or “Domain Users”? These are all MS default, built-in security groups in AD. I don’t think I was out of place calling security group for my Tech Support department “Tech Support”.