Problem routing iq and reusing id

While updating the jitsi-meet plugin we stumbled on a problem, where while joining a room the focus do some discovery info.

<query xmlns=‘’ node='…=’/>

Openfire then sends back an iq packet with the same id:

<query xmlns=‘’ node='…=’/>

There was an error in Strophe at this point which we fixed. The problem was it dispatches this packet as an answer of the first iq as it has the same id and Strophe wasn’t checking the type of the packet.

The packet is dispatched in jitsi-meet and and answer is returned:

<feature var=…

<feature var=’…

The problem is that the first request didn’t get any response, maybe its because things get confused by the fact that the id is reused and then answered I still haven’t looked at the code … jitsi-meet tested with other servers with the same scenario four iq’s are transferred (there is a response to the first one).

What I see in the logs currently is an incoming iq packet without id, which is required for iqs:

A fix for the issue was provided: Doesn’t filter iq results that needs to be delivered to local muc users. by damencho · Pull Request #129 · igniterealtim…