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Problem run Openfire server

I have problem to run OpenFire Server - OpenFire is running but clients with Spark does not working connect.

Please for help this problem.


If you are using it on Windows with Launcher, then run it via Run as administrator (no, if you are logged with adminsitrator, it is not enough and you have to run it via Run as administrator).

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve already replied here and you said thank you, so i suppose the issue is fixed? Why do you post the same question again? Deleting the double post.

The first problem was different, and was resolved after running as administrator. Now the second is another problem. Please you look to screenshot.

It looked similar. Red errors in the launcher usually mean running without run as admin or when there are two processes running. If you have installed Openfire 4.1.5, it installs and runs the service. So if you use the launcher, it will create a conflict.

Now I stopped service OpenFire-Service and Openfire is running without errors but Spark does not connecting to server

It is better to use the service instead of launcher. Can you connect to Admin Console? Also, was you able to connect with Spark before or is this a new installation?

Thank you, Spark does connecting to Openfire.

Solved :slight_smile:

I was to restart service and wait for 5 minutes and Spark is working.