Problem sending mail by openfire

Good morning everyone!
Look if you can help, I have a ubuntu server running openfire 3.7.1 and fastpath webchat plugin, everything works perfectly, except for the email.

I can not set account authentication using ssl on port 587, which is the port used by my mail server.

I’ve done several tests, if unchecked the ssl sending email is not the error, but is not sent, but shows that he was sent successfully.
When in March the option of SSL authentication, returns the following error: (Message: Exception reading response).

Already tried with other accounts and aconetece the same.

I thank any help.


Good morning everyone!
I found out why this is occurring when the system is off line. to send the form by mail, he is not using the registered email for sending email but that the client enters the form. why not send, because it tries to authenticate with the email client rather than what is registered in the options for sending email openfire.

I think it is an internal error fastpath, since the email chat transcript, it works fine.

Someone could help me about it, or the development team could check the code please.

I thank