Problem setting up OpenFire 4.7.1

I am trying to set up OpenFire 4.7.1 to be used with Spark as an internal messaging system for a client. I have gone through the setup from scratch three times now and gotten the same result every time. During the configuration process in the web-based wizard, it crashes after the Admin Email screen and just goes to the login page with no user having been created to be able to log in. This is being set up on an Ubuntu Server VM. The first couple of times I just blew away the whole machine and started over, but this is getting old and no matter what I’ve tried different, the exact same thing keeps happening. SO, how do I reset openfire so that I can go through the configuration again, and how do I stop this crash from happening? I am not an expert with linux by any stretch of the imagination, so please include commands and file paths where needed. Thank you!

Hi Ben,

Sorry to hear that. What exactly is crashing? Do the log files contain any clue?

I very occasionally have an issue where, after the Openfre setup has been completed, the browser is forwarded to a webpage that shows an error, instead of the login page. Opening the login page again (http://localhost:9090) after a few moments always ‘fixed’ it for me. That issue doesn’t happen enough for me to be able to reproduce and debug the issue. I suspect that the embedded webserver of Openfire sometimes takes a few moments before it is restarted.

I get to the configuration screen where it asks for an admin email address and to create a password. This screen has the option to skip, but whether I skip or fill it out and hit continue, I get an error instead of the next page of the configuration (know I saw a 500 error once, but it’s thrown a couple different ones). I assume this is the webserver crashing. When it comes back up, I get a login page, but I haven’t created any users and have no way to log in. I have no idea how to check any logs or create a user from the CLI. I’ve seen several posts talking about editing an openfire.xml, but I can’t find that file anywhere on the server.

If you fill it out, then the username to be used to log in is ‘admin’, and the password is whatever you filled in.

If you skip it, then the username and password are ‘admin’/‘admin’.

The Openfire log files are located in a directory called ‘logs’. It’s either in the directory in which Openfire was installed, or in the default location where logs are stored on some OSses (eg /var/log/openfire).

Pretty sure I tried admin with what I put in for the password on that screen. I’ll try running through again and skip that and see if admin/admin works. If not, I’ll check the logs and report back. Thank you for your assistance.

Ok, I’ve got the server up and running. Thanks for the help!

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