Problem to UN-REGISTER the red5phone


I have few questions concerning the way the red5phone gets unregistered. As far as I have seen, I just need to close the current web page with the webphone to make it unregister. Is that so ? What is the mechanism behind ?

Yet, it seems that the red5phone doesn’t UN-REGISTER properly. Indeed, for the unregistration of the webphone to the proxy, the red5phone sends a REGISTER with an Expires set to 0. But when it gets a 401 answer from the SIP proxy (for digest authentication), it doesn’t resend the REGISTER with the answer. I don’t know if that is a problem of the red5 plugin or of the mjsip stack. Has anyone a clue how to handle that ?

Thanks a lot !


When the red5 connection is dropped by flash, the red5 SIP application method appLeave gets called and it then calls the close method of SIPUser which in turn calls the unregister method of mjsip SIPRegisterAgent.

So yes, the problem is in mjsip. It looks like it neds to be fixed to resend the REGISTER.

If you do get a fix , pls share with the rest of us so I can include it in the next release.