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Problem with add user using HTTP request

Hi Everyone,

I have written PHP script using class.openfire.userservice.php class file, But I am getting **Error: RequestNotAuthorised **error. Here is my code

$user = new UserService();

$param = array(






echo $result = $user->api(“add”,$param);

I have installed User Service Plugin on my openfire server and also enabled it, Double checked my Secret and its correct in my code. Also white listed my Own IP and server IP both.

Is there anything I am missing?

My open fire server version is 3.9.3 and user service plugin version is 2.0.2

Could you provide more information? Preferably full HTTP request.

Do you send the secret key in the http header?

Hi Redeyes,

Thank you for your reply,

I got the solutions for this and now its working fine,

Thank you.

Could you explain how you solved it please?