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Problem with Admin page

I have Wildfire up and running on an internal. when ever i reboot i and try to go the the admin via http://intranet.domain.com:9090 i get the set up screen again and it wants me to walk through the setup. any one else have this problem.

Hi Brian,

it seems that Wifi can not save the wildfire.xml configuration file. Would you please check the file permissions?

You should find errors in the log file if the file can not be saved, maybe you want to post them here and the operating system you are using.


This can also happen if your config file is messed up. Not sure how much you have configured yet but you could always delete the file and then reinstall. Or try and create another Config file. I went through this and it was a pain. Here iws a working config for me. Try this and let us know.

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what should the file premissions be?

authenticated users should have read and execute.

System and Administrator should have full.

depends on the operating system, for Windows if you are running Wifi as SYSTEM then SYSTEM must have Full Access (maybe MODIFY is enough, but I’'m quite sure Wifi deletes the file and creates a new one, so MODIFY could fail).

linux: the user (jive ?) which is running Wifi should be able to write to it, you could use “chmod 777 wildfire.xml” to test if it is a permissions problem.