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Problem with authorization

Hi. There is a problem with authentication. When authentication login with capital letters, is not visible in the list of users in the main window. In the list box room while he is visible.

Sorry for my English.

What could be problem?


would you please provide more details? A few screenshots may help. Posting the question in your native language is never a wrong idea, likely someone will understand it.



Here I will describe in detail steps users.

  1. The user registers the name “favorit” (small letters)

  2. login by using “favorit”

In this case, everything is fine.

  1. when attempting to re-avtorizirovatsya with the nickname “FAVorIT” (there are big letters), it is well produced.

But in some cases, it becomes in the main window of Miranda is not as active. to other users - as if he did not login.