Problem with blank windows even typing messages

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with Spark. Sometimes, I just click on the contact I wanna talk to, and the window appear for me to write. But, when I’m typing the message, the window keeps blank. If I minimize the window and restore it again, the message I was typing, appears. It’s frequently. If I did not minimize the window and push “enter”, nothing happens, but in fact, the message was sent, cause I saw into the history.

Does anybody knows what it is??


The way you describe it reminds me what i’m seeing time to time. I open a new chat and try to type but words do not appear. Then i usually hit on the roster window and back to the chat window and then my typings appear. It’s the old issue and the cause is unknown. I call it “a java thing” Because Java based GUI is often slow and lacks in response times. But it doesnt happen to me too often. This usually happens after i’m not using Spark for a long time and bring it back from a systray.