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Problem with connection from Windows client to Linux Server

I’‘m having a problem with Jive that I can’'t seem to fix. When I connect with my Windows client (Psi) I get a connection but after about a minute it loses the connection and cannot reconnect. My Jive Server (.rpm version 2.1.5) is on a seperate box (Pentium 400Mhz, 192 RAM) running Fedora 4 which is connected through LAN cable to a wireless access point. My Windows box is connected to the access point with a wireless pci card. I have no idea what the problem is. After I am disconnected, I try to ping the server box and it goes through, but I cannot reconnect to the Jive server. I tried to see if maybe running the Jive server on the Linux box was taking up too many resources, but it was not. The CPU usage never went up above 60%. Could someone please help me out?

Hi NeoZeus,

Are you seeing any errors in the log files?