Problem with DN containing international chars

Hi there,

we are looking into installing Openfire as our corporate im system and it works fine so far with integration to our AD and everything.

The only thing thats is creating a problem is the fact that we have international chars (åäö) in our full DN and whenever i stop or restart the server it seems to corrupt those characters in the config file so when I try to start the server it can’'t connect to the AD and noone can login. I fix this by killing the server and manually editing the config file with wordpad and then starting the server.

We are running the server in a Windows environment.

Any way to fix this? I did a search through forum but didnt find any solution to our problem.

Greatfull for any and all help in this matter.



What about making the config file read only to the server?

Hmm, thats not such a bad idea. Think I’'m gonna try it. At least it will make it possible to restart without any hassle.

Any other hints?

Hi Andre,

settings this file to read-only will be a bad idea as Openfire checks if it is writable and it’'s throwing an IO exception.

It looks like you’'re saving the openfire.xml file with the local encoding and not as UTF-8.

Windows would add a BOM-header which Openfire does not like so startup should fail.

If you did save it as UTF-8 without BOM then you’'d hit problem #2 (“If you want to read Unicode characters from a file that uses some encoding other than the default encoding for the locale, you must explicitly create your own InputStreamReader to perform the byte-to-character conversion”, mentioned on and true for Openfire 3.1.1 and probably all other versions as well.

/* 111 */ FileReader reader = new FileReader(file);
/* 112 */ buildDoc(reader);

Creating JM-1101 to fix this.


Why does Openfire require write access to the settings file?

Why does Openfire require write access to the settings file?

To save it after inital setup and if jive.setup==false and to set jive.debug==true|false. I think that this does not happen very often and checking whether the file is writable at startup may be a little lightheaded as one can change the permissions while Openfire is running.