Problem with External Connection

Good afternoon.

My external clients (SPARK and CHATSECURE) stop working.

Internal clients (SPARK) continues working.

I work with iptables:


for SPARK in 0/0


  $IPT -A FORWARD -i $I_LAN -s -o $I_LINK1 -d $SPARK -p tcp --sport 5222 -j ACCEPT

  $IPT -A FORWARD -i $I_LINK1 -s $SPARK -o $I_LAN -d -p tcp --dport 5222 -j ACCEPT

  $IPT -t nat -A PREROUTING -i $I_LINK1 -s $SPARK -p tcp --dport 5222 -j DNAT --to

  $IPT -A FORWARD -i $I_LAN -s -o $I_LINK1 -d $SPARK -p tcp --sport 5223 -j ACCEPT

  $IPT -A FORWARD -i $I_LINK1 -s $SPARK -o $I_LAN -d -p tcp --dport 5223 -j ACCEPT

  $IPT -t nat -A PREROUTING -i $I_LINK1 -s $SPARK -p tcp --dport 5223 -j DNAT --to

  $IPT -A FORWARD -i $I_LAN -s -o $I_LINK1 -d $SPARK -p tcp --sport 7777 -j ACCEPT

  $IPT -A FORWARD -i $I_LINK1 -s $SPARK -o $I_LAN -d -p tcp --dport 7777 -j ACCEPT

  $IPT -t nat -A PREROUTING -i $I_LINK1 -s $SPARK -p tcp --dport 7777 -j DNAT --to


The connections arrive and it forwards…

I tested with TCPDUMP…

The problem is Openfire!

Can anybody help me?