Problem with group

hi all ,

I have two questions :

I’ve made the Group Integration with this doc : ration-guide.html

Groups is loaded perfectly when I start openfire , but it’ s not refreshing in admin console of Openfire…

For example if I add an user in a group, the change isn’ t visible in the admin console without restart openfire .

Is it possible to refresh without restarting openfire ?

Is it possible to create a shared group with smack API ?

thanks you !


I fixed partially my problem (I empty the Group cache and Group Metadata Cache)

I try currently to increase or decrease capacity of the cache for making the refresh automatically.

But there is another problem : how i can , when i create a group in my external database , set automatically enabled the group sharing (without check the option manually in admin console) ?



Are you able to create shared group with smack API?