Problem with groups Active Directory in OpenFire

Hello my name is Alberto i need your knowledge and support with my problem.

I need see all groups and all user in openfire, the problem is that i can not see groups but i can see all users in domain.

I need see all groups and people, i use client Spark for Windows and Linux.

The server is installed in debian 8 and OpenFire 4.0.2

I need to know how to configure in openfire and client spark to see all groups and users

in domain.

This is my domain

This is my configuration in openfire.

Thanks in advance and sorry but my bad english.

Hi Alberto,

I’ve checked my Openfire settings and the field “Filtro de Grupo” has this setting: (objectClass=group). Could you please try to change this setting in your admin page and then click on “Test Settings”? It should show all the groups in your AD.