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Problem with history/userlist in MUCs

I actually don’‘t know if this is a JM problem, a Smack problem, or something else. I’'ve noticed that while running the beta of JM 2.2.0, sometimes when I join MUCs I do not receive a userlist, topic, or conference history. However, new messages sent to the conference will show up correctly. I have to quit the conference and rejoin to get the needed information.

I’‘ve never noticed this problem before with the client I use (JBother). The client is written in Java and utilizes the Smack API. I’‘m assuming that it’‘s probably a JM s2s issue because s2s support is new in 2.2.0, but, I really don’‘t know how to determine it one way or the other. It doesn’‘t always happen on the same conference servers, so I know it’'s not limited to a specific one. Any ideas?


Hey MysticOne,

Does this problem only happen when you connect to a MUC service of a remote server? Is the remote server a Jive Messenger server? You can use the debugger plugin I attached to this message to see the server traffic. Can you check if the remote server is sending the information to your local server? Anything in the error logs?


– Gato