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Problem with install of Asterisk-IM plugin

hello all!

I am trying to install the Asterisk-IM plugin!

I could click on the ‘’+’’ to install ASterisk-IM but afetr restart wildfire, I don’'t have the Asterisk-IM tab!

know you why?


What versions are you using?

For version wildfire 3.2.0 i think you need the 1.2.2 beta version of the Asterisk-plugin.

(That one works for me)

I have wildfire 3.2.0,

where can i download this version of asterisk-IM ?

thank you

it is okay

I could found the beta version :


and copy it on the plugins/ directory in my /wildfire directory.

than you so much

where can i find the correct database schema for the A-IM plugins,

I read a post with the database schema and the connection string for various database product, but can not found it any more, who can give me a link for this info?


Hi u all,

I installed the Asterisk-IM Plugin but i don’'t know what to do in the 3rd step of the Readme file.

  1. Configure the asterisk manager connection on the PBX Integration page.

Any idea?