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Problem with Java 1.6.0


I just want to report this problem using Java 1.6.0 and I hope the 1.6.0_02 fixes this problem. My server was using about 20% user and 80% system time, so 100% busy while Openfire 3.2.2 was doing nothing (no users connected). Otherwise I could also update my kernel if needed, but I’m looking how it goes.

I tracked this down to this thread (according to JVM Settings and Debugging)which was consuming the whole CPU power, and being a native method it also explains the high system time:

"btpool1-1 - Acceptor0 SelectChannelConnector @"
              prio=10 tid=0x0a0d2000 nid=0x7817 runnable [http://0xa862a000..0xa862b1d0|http://0xa862a000..0xa862b1d0]
   java.lang.Thread.State: RUNNABLE
        at sun.nio.ch.EPollArrayWrapper.epollWait(Native Method)
        at sun.nio.ch.EPollArrayWrapper.poll(Unknown Source)
        at sun.nio.ch.EPollSelectorImpl.doSelect(Unknown Source)
        at sun.nio.ch.SelectorImpl.lockAndDoSelect(Unknown Source)
        - locked <0xaa141a90> (a sun.nio.ch.Util$1)
        - locked <0xaa141aa0> (a java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableSet)
        - locked <0xaa141a50> (a sun.nio.ch.EPollSelectorImpl)
        at sun.nio.ch.SelectorImpl.select(Unknown Source)
        at org.mortbay.io.nio.SelectorManager$SelectSet.doSelect(SelectorManager.java:299)
        at org.mortbay.io.nio.SelectorManager.doSelect(SelectorManager.java:73)
        at org.mortbay.jetty.nio.SelectChannelConnector.accept(SelectChannelConnector.java:120)
        at org.mortbay.jetty.AbstractConnector$Acceptor.run(AbstractConnector.java:498)
        at org.mortbay.thread.BoundedThreadPool$PoolThread.run(BoundedThreadPool.java:475)