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Problem with JM 2.3 and Exodus client

Hi, I install Jive Messenger 2.3.1 in my server, and exodus client display this certificate error


Certificate does not match host:

/C=US/ST=OR/L=Portland/O=Jive Software/OU=XMPP

CN=John Doe"

What is that?


say your servername is im.damito.com

the CN (Common Name) on your server’'s certificate shoudl be the FQDN of your exodus server, not the name of the admin.

Since they don’'t match, exodus complains.

Re-do your cert and it should clear up, or at least migrate to a warning about a non-trusted certificate authority having signed the cert unless you get it signed or install the cert on the client machine.


if you dont need SSL/TLS check the Security Tab in Admin Console (and disable it if needed).