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Problem with joining a group chat


I’m using Spark 2.6.3 for OS X. Problem: I have to join a hidden, password-protected conference chat room. But I can’t. The dialog for joining an existing room (“Create or join room” button) seems to be only a “create room” dialog: if have to enter the romm’s password two times, can set option for the room that are already set because the room I want to join already exists.

And it doesn’t work. After entering the room’s name and two times the password I’m asked to set a nick name but then I get a “The password did not match the rooms password.” (btw, it should read “… the room’s …” with an apostrophe)

However, the password IS correct (it’s rather easy) and I tried it many times.

I have no problems to join the room on a windows machine with the PSI Jabber client.

Any hints, tips? Am I doing something wrong?



This is a bug. The only workaround for Spark would be to make it either visible, or leave it hidden, but not password protected. I will file it as SPARK-1510 but can’t say when it will be fixed.

Better later than never. I think this problem is gone in the latest Spark version.