Problem with LDAP/AD integeration in 3.0 (possible bug)


Been playing around with 3.0 and using the LDAP integration against a Active Directory server.

I have it working and users and groups show up in the admin console.

When I open a group the Enable sharing group in rosters radio button is checked, so I add a Group Display Name, then check “Show group in all users’’ rosters”. Finally I click the save settings button. Nothing happens the clients do not recieve the group information.

so I then checked the “Disable sharing group in rosters” and clicked save settings and then repeated the first process and then it worked!

It does this on every LDAP group, you basicly have to disable the group sharing then enable it for it to work. It very much seems like a bug.



Try clearing the cache after you setup the group.

Clearing the cache sort of works… The user has to completely shut down the client.

When I disable and then enable the client seems to recieve a single to reload the roster and it updates on it’'s own.