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Problem with LDAP groups (very strange :))


I use LDAP support for users and groups in openfire and one group is used as a shared roster. The problem is that after every restart openfire shows no group information. After going through LDAP setup (using web admin console) and confirming existing settings (test shows all the groups correctly!) groups aren’t visible in user/group management panel but can be found using search tool. What is more, shared roster disappears… I’ve upgraded openfire to version 3.4.3-1and changed database backend to mysql but problem still exists.

The only solution that works is to confirm LDAP settings after every restart and disable and then enable again “contact list group sharing” for the shared roster group - not to convenient

Does anyone have any idea what may be wrong?


(openfire 3.4.3-1 on OpenSuSE 10.2 + openLDAP + MySQL 5.0.45)