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Problem with MultiUserChat.getJoinRooms

Hi everyone…

I have a weird case in getJoinRooms syntaks;

in case :

if i login as User ABC and join room A then i call methode joinedRooms = MultiUserChat.getJoinedRooms(mConnection,“ABC@servername”); ;

it give me 0 size of joined Rooms, but. when i call methode joinedRooms to getting another user it works fine.

is that methode just can return join rooms that not the user sign in?


When I call the getJoinedRooms I amgetting a null pointer exception. Do you have any idea about this problem? I am really stuck here

have u able to solve this problem since i have the same problem , i am using asmack and openfire 3.8.2.

i also have the same problem. please post the solution

when i enable the asmack debug i saw that i did gets joined rooms in one of the packet but after some reply packets … what i did to solve this problem was as here on this link :http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21489387/unable-to-get-joined-chat-rooms-usin g-asmack/22267521#22267521

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21489387/unable-to-get-joined-chat-rooms-usin g-asmack/22267521#22267521

that worked for me.thanks

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