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Problem with new user connections

We are running wildfire 3.2.0 using LDAP and are experiencing a problem at least a couple times a week where users can not log on. Any users who are already on the system do not have any problem, but anyone trying to log on times out. We have seen this same behavior in previous versions of wildfire. The only ways to resolve this is either restart the wildfire service or reboot the server.

Has anyone else seen/solved this problem?



does the admin console works still fine if this happens?

How much free memory (see https://server:9091/index.jsp ) do you have when this happens?


Yes, the admin console works fine. It looks like we are using about 50 MB of the 1GB that is allocated for Openfire.

excusez moi apres avoir installer et paramettrer mon serveur openfire

je n’‘arrive pas à me connecter sur la console d’'Administration pour commencer a administrer

si quelqu’‘un peut m’'aider.

peut-être vous devez poster cette question dans un nouveau fil


can you enable the debug log when this problem occurs again and check it and the error log for messages?

Or does the error log already contain LDAP connect errors?