Problem with openfire on

Hi, I have a problem using openfire on localhost. If I connect client, obvius in the same machine, I can connect, but seems they can’t see others contact. On the web interface I can see them connected, but seems they don’t have any information about other contact in same group.


Hard to uderstand for your problem is. Do you have group sharing turned on? Then you can automatically see online people in a group. Otherwise you have to add contacts manually to be able to see them online.

sorry wroot, I had already enabled a sharing group, and it works when I use openfire behind an internet connection, but when I use only one machine without internet connection, so with localhost, doesn’t work!

What can I do?


So, you are trying to login with a client on a machine which has Openfire installed? What operating system? Which client, Spark? Do you put into a server field? What happens if you try to put your server’s (or this machine’s) name instead?

scuse me wroot I solved using a group and sharing the roster.thanks for the answer.