Problem with presence and roster


We are experiencing the following intermittent problem with roster and presence:

Some subscriptions are not being sent or accepted between Smack clients.


We have 2 groups of users A & B. Members of group B need to see (in a list) all members of group A who are running their client.

Our subscription mode is the default - to accept all for both groups.

We have implemented the custom client for group A such that when a user in this group logs on for the first time, they add each member of group B (a known small finite group) to their roster.

Members of group B may or may not be running their client.

Using this scheme, in general, all members of group B are able to get presence from all members of group A which are running their clients, and therefore display them in a list.

However, sometimes some members of group B do not see a few members of group A. This exclusion seems to be random, but is happening approximately 10% of the time.

(Members of group A do not show group B members in their client, so there is no active presence listening for them.)

Has anyone seen a similar problem? Is there some explicit subscription which needs to be done to realize our scheme?

We are running Wildfire 2.5.1 with Oracle 10g, and our custom clients use Smack 2.0.0

Thanks in advance.

Art Sarkissian