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Problem with programming connection to server

Hi, I’m new, so please be polite (I also do not know if I write in right place).

I want to write an app to connect to Openfire server. I’m using qxmpp library and c++ in Qt creator. Firstly I’ve tried to write simple app to find out if it connects to server. But it doesn’t and I don’t know why (I’ve tried to connect via spark client and it worked).

There is no information that there is any error, only what I know is that my client is not connecting to the server. Is there any way to check why my client is not connecting? Maybe here is somone who can help me?

Thanks for help

Noone will be harsh to you just because you are new Maybe Openfire Development section would fit more, but you are not working with Openfire code, but rather creating a client, so, we will leave this thread here. I’m not a developer myself, but probably it would be more informative to provide a code sample (if it’s long, attach as a file). Also you can check errors and warn logs in Openfire (you will find them in Admin Console. or in /openfire/logs directory).