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Problem with registration


I seem to be experiencing a problem with the gateway.

The first time I register with the Yahoo transport all goes well. The transport logs into Yahoo and my Yahoo buddies appear on the XMPP roster.

When unregistering the Yahoo buddies are correctly removed from the XMPP roster.

However, when I directly register again with the transport, the transport does not log in to the Yahoo network.

Only after disconnecting and reconnecting the XMPP client, the transport logs in to the Yahoo network and the buddies are placed on the roster.

Kind regards,


GATE-160 =)

Hi Daniel,

I am working on a transport of my own based on your code and experienced the same issue, so I decided to take another look at it. It appears that when the registration is deleted in handleIQregister, the transport does not check whether there are any sessions logged in which should be logged out first. And since the transport is removed from the user’'s roster it also does not receive a presence unavailable when the user does go offline.

The issue can easily be fixed by adding the following lines of code at line 569 in BaseTransport.java:

try {

TransportSession session = sessionManager.getSession(from);

if (session.isLoggedIn()) {




} catch (NotFoundException e) {}

Regards, Lars

Awesome, thank you. I performed this operation in a different location to account for web interface interactions as well, but none-the-less, exactly what I was missing, thanks!

Thanks a lot! This is a big bug that has been affecting me too. Is there a place where I can download version 1.0.1 for testing purposes (without having to compile it myself)?


Not really. 1.0.1 will be the big Openfire rebuild version. So it’‘ll only work with Openfire 3.3.0. 1.0.1 will be released this thursday right alongside the next Openfire (i think beta) release. You could pull SVN from say… around noon yesterday and you’‘d be able to build a copy of the plugin before it was openfire’'d but after the fixing of that bug.

Hi, did you end up releasing 1.0.1 beta yesterday? If you did I would be happy to start testing it out with Openfire 3.0.3 beta. I didnt see it on the beta plugins page though.


Oh yeah, it’‘s attached to the actual release thread in the forum. =) I haven’‘t announced it because it’'s not in any of the “real” locations right now. =)

Will this 1.0.1 beta work with the new Wildfire 3.2.4, or just Openfire 3.3.0 beta? If the latter, what is the latest version of the IM Gateway that I can use with 3.2.4? Thanks!

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It will only work with 3.3.0 which is rumored to be coming out this thursday. Unfortunately the shift to the Openfire name has made me have to punt support for pre 3.3.0. =/ I’‘m not real fond of it. If this were my full time job I’‘d probably try to maintain support for both at least for a little while. But then again I’'m sad they had to change away from the Wildfire name in the first place.

Thats cool. I was just wondering if it would work. I am planning on migrating to Openfire releases now since they are going to be the future.