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Problem with RoomInfo, help me please!

Hi everyone,

I write the following code:

RoomInfo info = MultiUserChat.getRoomInfo(conn, “room01@conference.myserver”);

System.out.println(“Number of occupants:” + info.getOccupantsCount());

System.out.println(“Room Subject:” + info.getSubject());

I got the result:

Number of occupants: -1

Room Subject:

Actually, the room has 3 people and a new subject.

Can anyone tell me why?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Chien,

In order to discover the number of occupants of a room (without logging) requires the server to implement an optional feature. So which server are you using? Jive Messenger supports this feature so you can try your code with our server.

Since you are getting a -1 value, I guess that your server does not implement this optional feature.


– Gato