Problem with Spark and Xubuntu

I have Xubuntu 11.10 and Spark 2.6.3. I installed Openfire 3.7.1 on Windows 7 PC. There is 15 PC with Spark over LAN and everybody happily works and colaborate but me, the great Inventor. Everybody except me have various versions of Windows. For me chat is working, and I can send file but not with ‘‘drag’n’drop’’ function. It can be done by that button ‘‘send file’’. Horrific. Yet the biggest problem is that I can’t receive file. I can see transfer window but when I click Accept transfer starts for few Kb, and than stops without reason. After some time it says that it is unnavaible to receive file.


Since no help was offered in two weeks I had to find different solution. PIDGIN. Works like a charm.

Can you give a tutor how you did that?

Well, since my PC is only one with Linux on LAN, I had to addapt to situation. Little research over net and solution came. Chat clinet Pidgin. When I checked with documentation it said it is possible to connect it to Openfire. I found tutorial on

It passed few days of extensive use of Pidgin client and there hasn`t been any problem. File sending and receiving works just fine, and I even noticed lower RAM memory print.

Spark has issues with file transfers in some network setups. Hopefully some of them will be fixed for 2.7.0. Though this is a very complicated issue, as for 2.6.0 there were some changes done (also for the underlying Smack library) and now they had to be reverted, as it seems those changes doesn’t comply with the standards and brake things, etc. Anyway, i have just tried to send a file from a Windows host to a virtual Xubuntu guest and it went through normally with 2.6.3 version. Although, Open or Open Folder didn’t work.