Problem with Spark login

Hello! I’m having this problem when trying to connect with Spark to the openfire server. I have the server in a Windows 7 machine and Spark installed in that machine, another one with W7, another one with WXP and another one with W10.

The first time, I installed openfire in the XP machine, but as I couldn’t connect from W10, I moved openfire (by uninstalling it) to a Windows 7 machine. Now, I cannot login from any machine, as it says: “unable to connect to server: invalid name or unavailable server.” I don’t know what to do anymore: i’ve checked the firewall (I made sure to have exceptions rules configured), I’ve made a ping to the server pc and got it right, and yet, spark won’t connect.

I’m using the latest version of both softwares.

Any help?

Thanks a lot!

So, you are saying that you can’t login from the same W7 machine where you have Openfire installed? Can you login to Admin Console?

From the computer with openfire, I can login, from the other machine (one with w7 as well, another with xp and another with 10) I cannot.

When you login from the other machine, what do you put into Server field? If you put the machine’s name (where Openfire is installed) do other machines have a mean to resolve that name into IP (DNS, hosts)? If not, then you can use IP instead. But first check what is your Openfire server’s name (not machines), which is what you put during setup (usually defaults to machine’s name), then put it in the Server field. Then go to Advanced settings on the login page and enter machine’s IP as a host.