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Problem with spark on Server 2008

So, i got a little problem.

I got a Windows Server 2008 with WTS installed to a lot of people use.

But sometimes spark do some kind of “bug” or “problem”.

Some people cant see their messages and cant receive messages. They type everything, press enter, it actually sends, but doesnt show on their screen, and if the other person replys they cant see either.

So they need to close Spark and start again.

Any solutions known for that ?

Hi Adriano,

first of all: what means WTS? sorry, maybe this is a stupid question.

Which version of openfire and which version of spark do you use?

After restarting spark on the client, do the messages appear?



WTS = Windows Terminal Service… Its the RDP (remote desktop)

So, i got a Windows Server 2008 as a WTS server.

It all goes fine, but spark sometimes do that “bug”

Openfire version = 3.8.1

Spark version = 2.6.3

Everything up to date.

Yes, after restarting the client all messages appear and everything comes to normal again.

Ah okay, now I know what WTS means…

Have you tried another client on your WTS? Maybe another client doesn’t have this issue, that means your server works correctly. If you have the same issue with another client like pidgin or miranda then you have to check your server configuration.