Problem with user deleting/status


I am using Pandion 2.5 with Openfire 3.3.3 and it works quite well, but I have two Problems with user deleting and the status.

When someone adds me, he appears in my buddylist, but the status is unknown. When someone removes me, he also dissapears in my buddy list and I get the message “user xy has removed you from list”(I already can fix this by removing this message, but I dont want the disapearing).

I turned on the auto accept in pandion and in Openfire (via supscription plugin) so anyone can add anyone else, but I dont want that any buddys in the list are appearing or disapering, because this will confuse the users.

Does anyone have an idee or just knows if its a server or client problem?

Update: I tried it with Pidgin and I have got the same issue, so it seems to be a server problem

(I couldn’t test it earlier, because of the enviroment)

HI, does someone at least know if this is a bug or a feature?

If it’s a feature, where do I turn if of ?

And if it’s a bug, which server doesn’t have it?

That’s how presence subscriprion is supposed to work - if someone takes away their consent to your subscription, you won’t see the users status anymore. A user in your roster (“buddy list”) means a presence subscription, so they will disappear when you lose it.

I don’t know if there is a way to keep a user in your roster without being authorized on the presence subscription…

Thanks, even if your answer doesn’t solves my problem, it is a great help to localise the issue.

@mods: Is it possible to move this topic to the plugins section (where it would fit better)?

If not, I will create it new there and link to here. I hope noone will be angry about this.

Hi Marius,

I wonder if this is a feature of the subscription plugin which may also auto-accept un-subscription requests. Do you see this problem even if the plugin is disabled?


Hello LG

No I see the same issue when I delete the plugin.

(And sorry for the late answer)

Hi Marius,

JM-911 (which I did create a year ago) seems to describe the problem. Only two votes so far, one may really want to vote for it to get it fixed.



I tried the trick Nicholas Clare described there ( [|] ) but it did not work out.

Has anyone tried it with version 3.3.3?

Just want to inforrm you that this issue is still up to date and keeps us away from using jabber

btw: has someone tried to solve the Problem using package filtering, because as I understand it, the problem is that there is an IQ-Package that unsubscribes the other user and if you filter this package the problem is gone

( i know this is even more ugly than editind the source code, but it might help and is more flexible in different versions)