Problem With User Names Displayed In Roster

After upgrade to 3.7.0 from 3.6.4 we have a strange problem where contact names in a Spark roster are being displayed using only the contacts first name. When users are in groups the same first name only problem also happens.

It might be that the user’s nickname was set using only their first name perhaps when we were adjusting vCard mapping to LDAP.

Inspecting a vCard full profile for a typical user appears to be ok, i,e, the mapped LDAP attributes for a user fit in the attribute in the vCard.

Is the user’s display name or nickname stored in the database, we are using SQL, and if so is there a way to reset the display name shown in a Spark roster to be either thier LDAP login name, uid, or their LDAP display name, e.g, “Soap, Joe” ?


BTW for info this is the LDAP vCard mapping we have configured:

"><vCardxmlns=“vcard-temp”>{sn}{givenName}</G IVEN>{cn}{mail}</EMA IL>{cn}image/jpeg{jpegPhoto}</PHOT O>{homePostalAddress}{pos tOfficeBox}{l}{st}{postalC ode}{c}{homePhone}</NUMBE R>{telephoneNumber} {mobile}{pager}</NUMBE R>{facsimileTelephoneNumber}{title}{WWWHomePage}{company}{department}

This is it again with some white space added to make it more readable:























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Sometimes when you ask a question as soon as you have asked it you find the answer yourself, and the answer is …

In our LDAP configuraition the attribute CN holds the user’s display name, e.g. “Soap, Joe”.

Setting the OpenFire attribute ldap.nameField to be CN solved the problem.

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