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Problem with user online status and computers that go to sleep

The computers that we have that get turned off at night, and then back on in the morning have no problem displaying status correctly (Online - Idle after 3 mins. - Online again after mouse activity continues). However, the computers that go to sleep after inactivity seem to get stuck as “Away” resulting in some users showing days of inactivity. I’m sure that the user simply has to mark them self as available, however most do not notice.

Is there a setting that can be changed to resolve this?

Or, is there a way, from the admin console, to change a users status remotely? (Disconnecting their session, or restarting the server has no effect)

Thank You

This is a bug, but very hard to investigate. So there is no specific known reason nor fix. [SPARK-1777] Presence getting stuck in Away mode sometimes - IgniteRealtime JIRA

As a workaround for this and other issues with sleep we have increased sleep timer to 2 hours. Although Spark still gets stuck sometimes. There is no way to change the status remotely.