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Problem with vCard


i use local Jivemessenger and the Jabber.org Jabber server to test my own jabber client(smack 1.4 based). The Jabber server uses “vCard” and the Jabber.org server uses VCARD.

Unfortunately, the smack packet provider architecture seems to be case sensitive. Hence, my client can only work with one of the servers. In my opinion the Jive messenger shoud

use the standard “vCard” instead of “VCARD”. If there is no common standard the smack lib should not work case sensitive to recognize packets.

THX, in advance


Jivemessenger message example:


faxbert2poen< ADR>46264DorstenDeutschland DominicaTelgenkampRechnungswesen /Finanzen


Yep, this appears to be a Jive Messenger issue – the correct format is “vCard”. I’'ll file this as an issue to get fixed in 2.1.0.